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About Us: Fook Tin Group

Fook Tin Technologies Ltd., is an OEM/ODM and OBM exporter specializes in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of quality electronic, healthcare and medical devices. The company provides a full-service manufacturing solutions to customers from R&D to delivery. The wide range of product offerings includes weighing devices for application in consumer, commercial, industrial and medical sectors, electronic health care products, medical devices and aviation components

The company markets its products globally under the Scaleman, Fukuda and PTi brands

Cha's Electronic Industries (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., The factory is well equipped with advanced machineries for offering of integrated and high quality product development and manufacturing solution to customers. The company applies management tools such as Just in Time, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, Standard Practice Time, 6 SIGMA, Statistic Process Control, Total Productive Maintenance, Total Quality Management, Quality Control Circle and 5S to maintain and enhance our quality and productivity.

Scaime S.A.S., is certified in ISO9001. The company is located in Annemasse, France with subsidiaries and distributors in 40 countries over the world. Scaime is a leader in the international load cell marketplace. It designs, manufactures, markets and distributes high quality professional magnitude sensors. 

The company's mission is to supply customers with system solutions for measuring specialized physical parameters.

Terraillon S.A.S., is certified in ISO9001. Its headquarter is located in Paris, France & Hong Kong regional offices. The Terraillon group of companies design, market and distribute globally medical and consumer weighing scales, healthcare, water filtration and baby care products under the Terraillon, Petit Terraillon and Terraillon Professional brand. 

Terraillon UK Ltd., a subsidiary of Terraillon, designs, markets and distributes globally consumer and healthcare products under the Hanson brand.

Arpege Master K S.A.S., located in Lyon, France. It is accredited with ISO9001 and also a certified manufacturer for European Union Non-automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI). The company focuses on design, manufacture and distribution of industrial weighing instruments and is one of the leaders of weighbridges for truck weighing. It is also entitled to apply CE marking to all weighing instruments in Europe and is certified to repair and calibrate all weighing equipment.

Master K Asia Pacific Ltd., is a subsidiary of Arpege Master K S.A.S. which is an Asia arm of Arpege Master K S.A.S. in industrial weighing instruments and solutions that are applicable to commercial, industrial, aviation, waste management, chemicals and pharmaceutical, food processing, construction material, plastics materials, transport logistics and manufacturing process control sectors.

DynaSys Solutions Limited, is an energetic Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions provider that possesses in-depth ERP knowledge and experience. 

Great Link Engineering Limited, specializes in design, supply, installation and maintenance of automation systems for Transportation & Food Processing Industries.

Design, supply, installation & maintenance of Material Handling Systems.

iREd Solutions Limited, aims not only to provide a high-quality school IT application platform in combination with elements of "Innovation" and “Technology”, but also to commit and support the works on "smart school" developments which related to most IT applications, such as Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, it introduces a wide range STEM training workshops, especially in AI related, to enrich the ICT and STEM Education. 

Fook Tin Group Holdings Ltd. was founded by Mr. Man- Chung Chai and Madam S.H. Lee-CHAI in 1963. Under the management of the Chai family for the past decades, Fook Tin Group has developed into a multi-national company and expanded into a conglomerate of companies.

The Group's Strategies and Values
  • That we challenge each Group company to be the best in its class, and in accordance to its Strategic Plan.
  • That we empower each Group company to operate individually; yet responsible to the Group and together understanding their synergistic values.
  • That we cherish local culture and best practices, yet embrace equity and diversity.
  • That we appreciate business outcome, but understand our ESG and other social responsibilities.
  • That we embrace innovation and technology in our operation and products; and aspire to bring societal impacts through our innovations and technologies.
  • That we understand that our operational efficiency, product quality and innovations are paramount to our growth.
  • That we appreciate the edge of competitiveness must be maintained through forward-looking corporate strategies based on judicious analysis of history facts, future trends, risks profiles and available resources.
  • That we believe in proactive-thinking is the individual driving force of every employee, and employees together form the very meaning of the word “Company”.

The Group's Vision
To be the consumer, commercial and industrial sensing and measurement solutions.

The Group's Mission
  • To offer to the consumer, commercial and industrial sectors weighing and measurement sensors and devices that are exceptional in design, quality, value and innovation.
  • To offer consumer healthcare and lifestyle products which are exceptional in design, quality, value and innovation.

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